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International Trade PractitionersWhy study International Trade Practice ?


At International Trade Practitioners we specialise in teaching the practicalities and techniques essential for success in international trade.

Our programmes are not solely aimed at the specialist at the export or import department nor those engaging in the practice of international trade for the first time.  General management also need to have an overview of the  techniques involved if they are to produce realistic export and import management plans. They must know enough about the techniques of trade to, at least, ask the right questions and avoid getting into situations where some unforeseen rule or practice upsets their plans.

Coping with the consequences of different trading environments may be the task of foreign trade specialists from many disciplines - law, transport, logistics, taxation, insurance, foreign exchange risks.

But it is the trader’s responsibility to ensure that the overall marketing plan takes account of how the international trade export environment can differ from the familiar home environment. The essential difference between trading and selling on one’s domestic market and international trade involves moving from a jurisdiction with a familiar set of rules to another where the rules are different. Unless those differences are recognised and taken into account, the marketing plans will not work.

Practical day-to-day trading skills are therefore an integral constituent of international trade. They need to be taken into account in every phase of the Business Development Cycle.


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    Dr. Brendan P. Mac Evoy
    Managing Director